JFF PARFUM  is a modern and efficient company which is responsible to plan, design and produce fragrances and flavours food. With our creations we make alive your emotions, interpreting your tastes and personalizing every your demands.

We are also involved in the sale of essential oils and aroma chemicals, selecting and providing for you the best ingredients from all over the world.

Our production site is located in Barcelona (Spain) and, fully automated, guarantees a maximum of product quality. Everything that is produced in the company is controlled and analysed pursuant to the main reference laws.

Technology, research and creativity  are the starting point to ensure our customers the best result.

We operate also in the Middle East and North Africa through an extensive sales network. It allows us to satisfy requests and wishes of our customers.

Quality, technology and modernity play an important role in JFF PARFUM because guarantee the success of each product.

Our staff is always available and provide the best possible advice and customer care. We follow your product at every step of the production so that it is subject to rigorous testing, not only olfactory, but also objective tests using a series of analyses to guarantee constant quality.

The automation's process and proper storage of our raw materials offer a good correspondence of each production process respect to the standard select by the customers. In our company you can find all technical documentation, certificate of compliance and lot traceability.


Our R&D department, using the latest laboratory equipment (gas chromotographsmass spectrometers, etc…) is able to test and ensure the quality of our creations.

We can customize your product, suiting it to your needs; in addition to this we can advice and guide you to select  every fragrance. In  this way you will obtain the right fragrance from us, whether  it is for the refined taste or  technical requirements.

We select innovative raw materials and for this reason we are constantly looking for new olfactory scenarios.

Short delivery times allow for a regular production process without time loss.

We rely on the most important international partners giving to you a map of good’s travelling.

No limits packaging.


Research & Development

Delivery Service


JFF PARFUM is a modern company that produce fragrances, essential oils and food flovours analysing and selecting aroma chemicals to guarantee the maximun of product quality.

We select the best essential oils from specific areas of cultivation.  With a selection of over 300 varieties we are able to satisfy every your request.

The application of essential oils are vast and varied; they are also put to many uses, from cosmetics, detergents to the aroma therapy.

We address our products to the following areas:


- Industrial and domestic detergents


- Cosmetics


- Alcoholic Perfumery


- Environmental deodorants


- Plastic


- Paper


- Solvents

Essential Oils

Our fragrances are created and designed by a careful analysis of Olfactory Pyramid. It is a theoretical visualization of the evaporation rate of the components and their persistence. It is made up of three levels that illustrate the development over time of the fragrances.

The TOP notes are fresh, light and not very persistent, they vanish in a few minutes. Those few minutes must be sufficient to want to discover the fragrance. They are generally constructed from citrus fruits, aromatic plants and aquatic or marine notes.

The HEART notes are more potent, more consistent than the top notes and are of medium persistence. The odours of flowers, fruit and green notes can interlace for two or three hours, in an expression of the richness of the fragrance and of its “trail”.

The BOTTOM notes, woods, musk, amber notes, vanilla, spices, animal notes etc, evaporate slowly and sensually and can persist for days. They express the “personality” of the fragrance which generates consumer loyalty.

Our food flavours are manufactured from the best quality raw ingredients making them totally free from any side effect and hygienic to consume. Chemically, they are a complex mixture of several organic molecules that are bounded to each other.

Whether you prefer natural or nature-identical flavours, JFF PARFUM provide you with flavours for every taste and a multitude of applications.

NATURAL FLAVOURS: They are extracted by physical processes ( including distillation and solvent extraction), enzymatic or microbiological processes, from material of vegetable or animal origin to their natural state.

NATURE-IDENTICAL FLAVOURS: They are obtained by chemical synthesis or isolated by chemical procedures, but  are chemically identical to natural substances.


Food Flavours


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